Will the UK be the “Dirty Man of Europe” Once Again?

In a June referendum, 52% of UK citizens cast their vote to leave the European Union. The debate centered on the economy, immigration and security concerns – all touching on broader issues of sovereignty and political freedoms. The implications of Britain’s exit (“Brexit”) will take years to fully understand as the complicated process of disentanglement begins. One effect that did …

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Calling All Farmers – The Face of Farmers in Hawai’i

Aloha Farmers of Hawai’i! We are writing an article about farmers in Hawai’i, and we would like your help. We believe that farmers (like you) are some of the most important people on our islands. We know farming isn’t easy and doesn’t pay all that well, and yet people like you do it anyway. We love you for it! The …

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Slow Food at Potager Cafe

Slow Food? Never heard of it? Me neither. That’s why I jumped at the chance to find out what Slow Food is about, when a friend of mine invited me to Potager Cafe, a restaurant near the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). It was there that I had the experience “Slow Food”, food that has been locally sourced and …

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Memnosyne Presents

A note for readers.   I apologize this post is a bit longer than the others.   This event had a wealth of activity and I felt the need to share more.  Enjoy! Green Source DFW Sustainable Leadership Awards On March 13, Memnosyne Institute and GreenSource DFW hosted the 3rd annual Sustainable Leadership Awards Reception at the Dallas Center for Architecture.   Awards were given …

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Discovering Urban Acres

I discovered Urban Acres three times before I finally made my first visit: Groupon, a Google Map search, and word-of-mouth.  Urban Acres is a a farmstead and co-op that supplies local, organic produce to thousands across the metroplex. It has a Texas-sized heart for local food and the local farmers and artisans that supply them. What’s does it add up …

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One Year, 100 posts, and One Great Ride

Just about a year ago, I was asked to take over as editor for Hawai’i Pacific University’s “Spotlight on Sustainability” newsletter – a biannual publication that highlights the sustainability happenings and students on campus. I had enjoyed reading the previous newsletters, but something about a newsletter seemed a bit old-fashion to me. I decided to take the position, but I …

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Natural Foods Co-Op in Dallas-Fort Worth

Discovering Farm to Fork Foods  After a life of farmers markets in Hawaii, I moved back to Texas seeking to support the local farmers here.   Through a friend and fellow community gardener, I heard about Farm to Fork Foods.   It is a family owned co-op that specializes in providing meat and other products from local farms. What’s does …

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A Tour of Sustainability at HPU

Amidst the many changes that have occurred at Hawaii Pacific University over the past several months, sustainability continues to move forward with strong support from students, faculty, and administration at all levels. With the university facing budget problems due to a decrease in student enrollment, HPU was forced to make the difficult decision to downsize and eliminate some staff positions. …

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There and Back Again: A Localist’s Tale

Aloha and Malama Aina! I’ve been working in sustainability here on Oahu since 2008. I was drawn to the islands, after being a chef in San Francisco and learning about Slow Food in Italy. I had an epiphany after being awarded the Chef’s Collaborative Scholarship for an organic farm & goat cheese dairy retreat. We learned how to grow and …

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Sustainable Cities: A Local Perspective

On New Years Eve, I stood looking at a view similar to this one of Honolulu. As I watched the fireworks light up the midnight sky I thought about this wonderful city where I live.  We are the biggest city in the small island-chain state of Hawai’i surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and far removed from the any major landmass, …

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