Bleached: Coral Death and Hawaii’s Fight to Stop It

Imagine stepping off the plane into the beautiful islands of Hawaii. You’re immediately hit with the smell of warm tropical air, the gentle tradewind breeze, and the bright and beautiful sun. Even though you just landed, you remember that there are some things that you need to pick up from the store. Most importantly, you will need sunscreen to protect …

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An Embarrassing Situation: New Hawaii Resort to Have Captive Dolphins

Recently Atlantis Resorts unveiled a plan to build a $2 billion resort on Oahu’s west shore. This resort will have everything from time shares, condos, restaurants, and shopping. It will be the largest resort in Ko’Olina, which sounds like every vacationers dream! They will even include an aquarium with sharks and dolphins to tow tourists around for that perfect vacation …

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All Eyes on Hawaii for the World Conservation Congress

Something big is about to happen on a tiny speck of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This year, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) will hold its World Conservation Congress in Honolulu, Hawaii. IUCN is the world’s oldest – and largest – environmental organization. It has been working for nearly 70 years to protect …

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Book Review – On the Banks of the Ganga: When Wastewater Meets a Sacred River

Imagine that you are a visitor to India taking a boat tour along the Ganga River. During this tour, you see countless Hindu pilgrims bathing in the river for spiritual cleansing. You know that in the Hindu faith the Ganga River is the physical manifestation of a mother goddess, and that she has the power to spiritually cleanse believers who …

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Balancing Values: Can Hawaiʻi Sustain it all?

Not everyone thinks alike – all too often we disagree on things. We all have our unique perspectives, and often different interests. This is particularly true in Hawaiʻi where there is a limited amount of land. Hawaiʻi residents are connected to the land in different capacities, yet their values may require them to partake in difficult land management decisions. One …

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Sustainable Water Use: Every Drop Counts

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average household in America uses over 100,000 gallons of water in one year, and the country as a whole uses approximately 400 billion gallons of water each day. One drip per second of a leaky faucet has the potential to waste 3,000 gallons of water per year. According to, 780 …

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Conservation Connections: Linking up with Nature

The Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance (HCA) has been putting on the Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference for 22 years now. Each year, thousands of scientists and conservationists converge in Waikiki (Honolulu) to discuss the current state of Hawai’i’s natural wonders. Last year, they decided to go even further and get the community involved. As part of this push, just recently they rolled out …

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Nature Conservation – The Next Frontier For Drone Technology

In the field of conservation, success hinges upon data that is both timely and accurate. Ground surveys are traditionally the go-to method used to acquire the necessary information, but to conduct these surveys regularly is time consuming and expensive. Many regions are inaccessible by road and physically exhausting on foot, especially when traveling with heavy equipment. These were the issues …

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