News and thoughts on sustainability and how it relates to religion, spirituality, philosophy, and faith.

Book Review – On the Banks of the Ganga: When Wastewater Meets a Sacred River

Imagine that you are a visitor to India taking a boat tour along the Ganga River. During this tour, you see countless Hindu pilgrims bathing in the river for spiritual cleansing. You know that in the Hindu faith the Ganga River is the physical manifestation of a mother goddess, and that she has the power to spiritually cleanse believers who …

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“Place” and Sustainability: UH Manoa’s 11th East-West Philosophers’ Conference

The University of Hawai’i at Manoa will be holding its 11th East-West Philosophers’ Conference on May 25-31, 2016. The theme for the five-day conference will be on “place” and sustainability. More specifically, the topic is that of humanity as a place-making species who infuse layers of meaning and significance into locations over time. Through this process, the “place” emerges in …

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Reading Zen in the Rocks: A Teaser

About a year ago, I read an incredible book called Reading Zen in the Rocks about Japanese karesansui (“dry landscape”) rock gardens. This book includes a work by the French art historian Francois Berthier, as well as a philosophical essay by former University of Hawai’i professor Graham Parkes. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book for its insightfulness, but also because of …

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Sacred Places: An Inspiration for Bio-Conservation

A few years ago, while hiking through the Scottish countryside, my husband and I suddenly came across a common – but powerful – scene found throughout the British Isles – a circle of standing stones. As we approached the stones, our conversation quickly ceased as our attention was absorbed by the breathtaking site before us. As we walked through and …

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