Hawaii’s Legislature: A Guide to Civics

I believe that when people hear the word “civics” they think of a long, drawn out process that has something to do with voting. Yet, the word actually means our rights and duties as citizens. We, the people, voicing our opinions in political matters and acting in our interests is a freedom rarely exercised by the public nowadays. With all of …

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Lighting Things Up With Loomio

Have you ever been involved in a group and felt like a decision was made without your thoughts being taken into account or without you even knowing about it? If so, you probably felt irritated. How could they make a decision without you? After all, you were part of the group. Your thoughts should have been considered first! Sadly, this …

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Positive Development: An Open Letter to Myanmar

Southeast Asia is changing rapidly as the governments of the region seek economic development to provide a better quality of life for their people. It is difficult to argue against this drive, as we are all looking for ways to increase our well-being. However, this development has come at a cost. This open letter, directed towards the City of Yangon, …

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Hawaii’s “Gut and Replace” Policy

The term Gut and Replace is also known around the country under names such as “Strike-All” or “Strike-Everything” amendments. In Hawaii, Gut and Replace allows legislators to remove (gut) an entire bill’s content with the exception of the title and bill number. After the bill’s original content has been removed, legislators are able add entirely new content to the bill …

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