The Essential Sustainability Leadership Challenge: Moving Towards Sustainability Science

We are all well versed in the long standing paradigm of disciplinary science that has held sway over how knowledge is produced for the past 400 years. Today it is slowly giving way to a new science more useful for a world filled with “wicked” problem and issues, the likes of which humanity has not encountered before. Wicked problems are …

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Step One – Have the Conversation

Over the past two weeks the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital has been screening films and hosting seminars across the District (Washington, DC). I was fortunate to attend four events, all of which have further challenged my thinking and exposed me to new ideas. As with anything that interests us, we’re more aware of what’s happening within that …

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4 Things I Learned at the 3rd Annual Hawaii Sustainability in Higher Education Summit

There were a lot of innovative and exciting things presented at the annual Hawaii Sustainability in Higher Education Summit this year. I made this list to highlight what I learned this year. I could have easily made it a top ten or more, but here’s the short and sweet version. 1. The Definition of Sustainability You read that line correct. We …

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The 3rd Annual Sustainability in Higher Education Summit of Hawaii

The 3rd Annual Sustainability in Higher Education Summit will be held at the University of Hawaii Manoa Campus this year. This year’s theme is Innovation and Action. The presenters are being asked the question, “What project, innovation, research or leadership initiative will you share that changes the face of sustainability in higher education in Hawaii?” Some of the key topics …

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The Growing Irrelevance of Education: How to Save It and the World

You’ve been there – we all have. You are sitting in a classroom on the first day of a new semester, and you’re excited. Ever since reading the course description and syllabus, you’ve been looking forward to this class. The teacher walks in, introduces herself, and begins – “Over the next few months we’re going to be talking about…” Awesome, …

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Follow the Leader: Are We Perpetuating Education Silos?

Within the many debates of sustainability, the topic of the silos formed within education and knowledge centers frequently comes up. Each field of research operates as if it’s the only one that matters – everything else is either non-existent or incorrect. This leads to problems later, such as when a bank employee has no idea how the people of a …

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