International Aid & Development

A Beginner’s Guide to Working in Sustainable Aid and International Development

We can change the world. If you’ve ever studied permaculture or sustainability, you’ve felt it – that overwhelming urge, that burning desire to share your excitement, to spread the good word, to let the rest of world in on the little secret you’ve just discovered: “We’ve got something here that can really help us all, if you would only just …

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Powering Asia: Tapping a Great Resource – People

Southeast Asia is changing rapidly as the governments of the region seek economic development to provide a better quality of life for their people. It is difficult to argue against this drive, as we are all looking for ways to increase our well-being. However, this development has often come at a cost. This open letter, directed towards the people and …

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Helping Out: Providing Access to Clean Water in Siem Reap

My interest in the clean water project in Cambodia was aroused during one of the many GLSD written assignments in Spring 2013. In the course of my research work on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, I chanced upon the rural water supply and sanitation project in Cambodia which I found interesting and encouraging. As I dug deeper, I found …

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