Leading the Charge in Software-driven Energy Storage

According to a recent announcement, Stem, Inc. is now the leader in the industry for software-driven energy storage. Stem’s intelligent energy storage with advanced predictive analytics software helps commercial businesses reduce their electricity bills automatically and manage their daily energy use more efficiently. Stem’s systems use historical data, real-time data, and weather forecasting to predict how a company’s electrical load will fluctuate …

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Sense and Sustainability

We are in a romance with technology. We love seeing articles and videos of amazing new creations pop up in our newsfeeds. After seeing articles like this one, our imaginations lights up, a smile appears on our faces, and we take a deep sigh of relief. After all, these things give us hope – we’re not as screwed as the …

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The Incredible Edibles

We all love to eat. Most of us eat at least three times a day, with many of us squeezing in some snacks here and there – including this guy. Nearly all of the food that we eat is wrapped in some type of packaging, which we typically just throw away, never thinking of it again. Did you know that …

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Go Paperless: Use Tech to Reduce Waste at Your Next Event

Using technology to facilitate large groups can be a scary proposition. Will the server be able to handle the heavy traffic? Do we have sufficient WiFi at the location? What happens if the website/app crashes? All these questions and probably a million more would be going through the head of any organizer that wants to go paperless. Going paperless is …

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Urban Food Security: The Promise of Aquaponics

The world is quickly becoming urbanized. More than half of the world’s population now lives in cities, and this number is growing. In this urban push, we have encased some of the world’s best agricultural lands in concrete and built skyscrapers as monuments to our ingenuity. Our ingenuity, however, hasn’t always met up with our needs and our growing population, …

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Nature Conservation – The Next Frontier For Drone Technology

In the field of conservation, success hinges upon data that is both timely and accurate. Ground surveys are traditionally the go-to method used to acquire the necessary information, but to conduct these surveys regularly is time consuming and expensive. Many regions are inaccessible by road and physically exhausting on foot, especially when traveling with heavy equipment. These were the issues …

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