Leading the Charge in Software-driven Energy Storage

According to a recent announcement, Stem, Inc. is now the leader in the industry for software-driven energy storage. Stem’s intelligent energy storage with advanced predictive analytics software helps commercial businesses reduce their electricity bills automatically and manage their daily energy use more efficiently. Stem’s systems use historical data, real-time data, and weather forecasting to predict how a company’s electrical load will fluctuate …

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Green Startups – The Next Big Thing for Hawaii’s Venture Capitalists?

Making the world a better place through business requires two key ingredients: a good idea and money. Yet, the economics and investments in businesses are always in a state of flux. Everything from a company’s position to its revenue generation can impact whether or not an investor will look close enough or even give it a second thought. This matters …

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The Oil Game: Falling Prices and What it Means for Sustainability

You have probably noticed that oil prices have tanked recently. Not long ago, oil was priced at over $110 a barrel and now it is below $27 a barrel – a 75% drop. It is expected to drop even lower to $10 a barrel in the near future. This is a major change from years of increasingly rising oil prices. …

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Energy Visibility with Intelligent Software: New Activity from Stem and HECO

Stem's Image

Hawaiian Electric (HECO) and Stem are at it again in Hawaii, bringing a new program into the fold for local businesses. The new program is called the Sustainable and Holistic Integration of Energy Storage and Solar PV (SHINES). Its pretty much exactly what it sounds like: solar and batteries coming together and working cohesively and seamlessly. The program is set …

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2016: Looking Good for the Hawaiian Energy Industry

100%. That is the Department of Business, Economic Development, & Tourism (DBEDT) policy’s goal to reach for entirely using renewable energy resources to power the Hawaiian Islands by the year 2045. With 30 years left to moderate electricity usage, build up sustainable foundations, and utilize higher efficiency equipment, things are looking good. “What does the policy actually focus on?” you may …

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Stem Making Headway in Hawaii for Grid Integration

Stem… an upright portion of a plant that supports its upper half. Many people know this definition as it pertains to botany. However, the word as a verb means to make headway against something else. In the world of energy, that is exactly what one pioneering company has set out to accomplish. Stem, Inc is a Millbrae, CA based business …

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The Energy Excelerator: An Innovator’s Dream Partner

Energy Excelerator Logo (Energy Excelerator Impact Report 2014-15, p.1)

Have you ever wanted to start your own company? Do you think you have what it takes to compete with the big boys? Well, if you do a little research into organizations like the Energy Excelerator, you will find there are programs out there that help startups grow, expand, and go on to do great things. The Energy Excelerator (EEx) …

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Future Focus: Part 2 – Energy Innovation and Accelerating Its Adoption

The Hawai’i Innovation Initiative’s Forum on Energy, Cybersecurity, and More. Continued from Future Focus: Part 1 – Building a Business and Overcoming Challenges. With our stomachs full from lunch along with a second wind of energy for the day, we jumped into the afternoon portion of The Hawai’i Innovation Initiative’s Forum on Energy, Cybersecurity, and More. The conference focused on …

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Future Focus: Part 1 – Building a Business and Overcoming Challenges

The Hawai’i Innovation Initiative’s Forum on Energy, Cybersecurity, and More. The day started with coffee and muffins, spread out over two tables in front of the glossed wooden doors to large open meeting rooms. Groups of businessmen and businesswomen passing through the corridor were waking up to the smell of innovation in the air. With an opening pule (Hawai’ian prayer) …

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Shifting Energy: Kanu Hawaii is at it Again

Kanu Hawaii is the Hawaii’s largest non-profit sustainability organization with over 16,000 members. What began as an environmental movement in 2008 quickly spread to a consortium of energy projects, waste management, and local food campaigns. Kanu Hawaii empowers people in the global community to become more environmentally sustainable and committed to personal as well as community change. One project of Kanu …

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